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Celebrating Children’s Day 2014: Investee Highlights

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Children’s Day in India is celebrated as a day of fun and frolic, a celebration of childhood, children and Nehruji’s love for them. To celebrate Children’s Day, we’re highlighting the amazing work of our investees who aim to strengthen the pillars of our future by working on children’s issues.

Check out their inspiring projects for children and find ways to get involved!


Pooja Taparia started ‘Arpan – Making Little Differences’ in 2003 with the purpose to give back to the community. Watching a play on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in 2004 she was shocked at the impact of CSA and it’s prevalence in India and decided to do something about it. In 2006 Arpan began creating awareness on the issue of CSA.

“Arpan has so far empowered 85,000 children and adults directly with it’s services and over 2,10,000 children and adults indirectly through trainings”, said Taparia. “UnLtd India played a key role in Arpan’s development and growth by providing mentorship, financial assistance and inspiration right from the very beginning.”

Arpan is now developing into a national level resource agency to provide tools and resources for preventing CSA and helping individuals heal through counseling. To learn more about their programs and to get involved check Arpan’s website 


Urmi Foundation

A shocking 52% of children with mental or neurological disabilities cannot access education due to poverty and are not socially accepted. Urmi Foundation, co-founded by Sonalee Shyamsunder Karekar, aims to support Mumbai’s developmentally disabled population.

Through its programs, Urmi Foundation seeks to better the social and educational standards of special children and youth suffering from autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome and many other neurological disabilities.

To learn more about their work and volunteer opportunities, check out this video.



TechShiksha aims to revolutionise science education in a way that makes it a fun subject for children to learn and explore. TechShiksha’s team builds the course structure, modules and experiments. These are used to conduct science workshops and organise clubs for children to help them truly enjoy and understand science.

Of working with UnLtd India, TechShiksha co-founder Amit Modi said, “Mentorship by our associate helped us at every step to workout a strategy and peer learning sessions helped us foresee the upcoming challenges and plan accordingly”

Inspired? Learn more and to get involved by checking out their website.


Apni Shala

Low-income children face a number of challenges; domestic violence, neglect, abuse and other hardships make them vulnerable to a negative or destructive behavior and attitudes.

Apni Shala seeks to provide ‘life skill development’ for children from disadvantaged communities.  Its education programmes focus on helping children  learn how to make better decisions and life choices, work in teams, respect differences and understand their strengths. Apni Shala leverages the power of story, drama, games and art in school to engage children in social and emotional learning.

Individuals with story telling or theatre skills who love working with children are encouraged to be part of Apni Shala’s journey. Visit their website to learn more.



Mimaansa works to address the needs of students with ‘learning disabilities’ in less privileged schools. They have set out to bridge the gap between the capabilities of children with learning disabilities and the expectation others have of them through remedial education and counselling services.

Volunteer with them as a ‘Change Maker’ to facilitate their learning programs or with the management here.


Oscar Foundation

Founder Ashok Rathod, resident of Ambedkar Nagar, Colaba observed a growing trend: High drop out rates among children, starting work at a early age and spending extra money on smoking, drinking and gambling. Parents were marrying off their children early, worsening the social issues of child marriage, gender inequality, communal friction, lack of education and child labor.

To deal with these issues, Ashok started OSCAR (Organise for Social Change Awareness and Responsibility). The OSCAR team began by using football as a medium to teach life skill values to enable youth and children to become active citizens, and develop positive attitudes.

OSCAR has now converted it into a community effort with parents and children both contributing to the initiative. Read more about OSCAR’s story and accomplishments here.

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