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5 Reasons to Start Your Social Enterprise Now!

By September 3, 2014 No Comments
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  1.   You can pursue your dreams instead of realizing someone else’s

For many entrepreneurs, their ventures are more than just great ideas—they’re a chance to shape the future, for both themselves and their communities. If you have a great idea, working for someone else’s organization may not help you achieve it. For Krishna Ramkumar ofAvanti Fellows, this meant leaving his job at Boston Consulting Group to dedicate his career to helping bright, underprivileged students gain access to the education that will give them a shot at a better future. “We are doing something that’s exciting,” says Ramkumar. “We’re not making as much as in the corporate world, but we’re not living on the road either.”


  1. The potential to create change is in your hands

No matter how early-stage your idea is, there is the potential for amazing impact. Pooja Taparia, founder of Arpan, was just starting her career as a graphic designer when she saw the play “Bitter Chocolate,” which tells the story of a young victim of child sexual abuse (CSA). Pooja was inspired to do something; what began as volunteer initiative for her local community has now become an award-winning NGO that has reached over 16,000 children and adults through its programs.


  1. Fail fast and learn early

The sooner you start implementing your idea, the sooner you’ll know if it works. Instead of waiting for months or even years, perfecting an idea, get out and do it. You’ll find out quickly what needs to be changed and learn valuable lessons that will help you figure out how to alter your idea or perhaps inspire a new one altogether.


  1. There are amazing support networks out there

Starting up can be a lonely thing. Even if you’re a small team of founders starting your own venture can feel like you’re alone against the world, fumbling in the dark. In reality, there are thousands of entrepreneurs who are going through the same start up journey and amazing support networks exist to help fund and support you as an early-stage changemaker. There is an entire community of founders, funders, advisors, accelerators, and incubators around the globe and more ways than ever to connect with them, both virtually and in person.


  1. It’s never too early… or too late to start

For some, big ideas for a venture strike early. For others, it can take years to zero in on the right idea. The number of years of experience you have (or don’t have) is not the make or break factor in creating a successful venture. Investee Vijaya Pastala, founder of Under the Mango Tree, leveraged her 14 years of experience to develop a highly innovative and impactful model. Conversely, Avanti Fellows founders Krishna Ramkumar and Akshay Saxena were only two years out of university when they launched Avanti Fellows, which gives low-income high school students access to the high quality math and science education that is necessary to gain admittance into some of India’s top colleges.

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