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October What We’re Reading: Leadership

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One of the biggest aspects of our work in supporting early stage change-makers in building or launching their ventures is helping our investees develop as leaders. This month, our team has compiled our favorite articles on leadership, including insights from some of the world’s most successful leaders.

Social Change and the Shadow Side of Passion

To be great leader, it is essential we first understand our passions and create a sense of purpose that brings satisfaction in our lives. We love how co-authors Geraldine Hepp and Roshan Paul (@roshpaul) focus on unraveling how to take your passion and craft it into ‘your’ unique gift to the world.

6 Things Effective Leaders Should Do to Inspire Their Teams

In his article in Entrepreneur, Marty Fukuda tells us where the leadership of any organisation should be spending their time: inspiring their team. He shares 6 techniques to do this in the most effective way.

Richard Branson’s 3 Most Important Leadership Principles

Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin group is known for his unconventional business style. In tis interview he shares the 3 leadership principles that have formed the Virgin’s culture.

6 Mistakes New Leaders Make

It is good to know what you must do, but sometimes to avoid the biggest mistakes, its better to know what you MUST NOT! Check if you have been doing any of these 9 mistakes as a leader.

16 Inspiring Quotes for Leaders

Being a leader can be a tedious job with a lot of energy spent on staying focused and motivating your team. In such circumstances, here is what our team is reading to stay inspired themselve. 16 quotes to get you inspired as a Leader.

How Leaders Deal With Moments of Existential Crisis

The greatest test of a leader is how she manages during a crisis. @FastCompany explores how leaders lead during both external and internal crises. The real key: the trust you build every day is the foundation on which you lead during the darkest times.

Investing in Leadership to Accelerate Philanthropic Impact

Currently less than 1% of foundation funding goes towards leadership development. Recognizing that good leaders make better decisions and are better able to manage people, Ira S. Hirschfield of the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund (@haasjrfund) makes the case for allocating more funding towards helping leaders grow.

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