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December What We’re Reading: Culture and Values

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Every organization has its unique style of working and its own set of values which form the foundation of its culture. The culture of the workplace determines the way employees behave amongst themselves as well as with people outside the organization. This culture is a determining factor in the success of the organization.

The Unltd India team strongly believes in building a culture that promotes healthy relationships and extracts the best out of each employee. Here is what the team at UnLtd India is reading on building organizational culture and values.

Creating and sustaining a Win culture

This Harvard Business Review article shares Bain & Company survey where 91% of the senior executives agree that ‘culture is as important as strategy for business success.’ It presents 5 key steps any company must implement to create and sustain a winning culture.

Building a story-telling culture

The article describes a story-telling culture as the difference between an organization with a living, breathing portfolio of different stories, from different perspectives, that share its impact—or just a single, somewhat stagnant story. The author focuses on the importance of story telling in the social sector and how to build such a culture within the organization.

How to build a great company culture

The founder of Okta, a silicon valley venture shares his story of building culture in this Forbes article. He mentions that the focus should be first on building a world-class product and then a world-class culture. Also, when the headcount of employees is in single digits, it is simple. However, when you grow, culture begins to matter and the culture is implicit in the personalities and values of the early group.

Culture Code: Creating a Lovable Company

HubSpot, a software products developer and marketer company talks about building a culture they love. The slides present their manifesto and employee handbook which beautifully depicts an employee focused culture. They believe that pay checks matter but the purpose matters more as does the people one works with.

 The 9 steps to organizational culture change

There are plenty of frameworks for managing strategy, talent, performance but not culture, which is as elusive as it is important. Every organization that excels at building, reinforcing, and leveraging their unique culture in support of delivering sustainable performance has built a strong “culture foundation.” The article shares a framework of 9 steps to build a strong culture foundation.

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