UnLtd India meets His Royal Highness Prince Charles

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In November, UnLtd India CEO Anshu Bhartia along with three of our social entrepreneurs had the opportunity to meet His Royal Highness Prince Charles. Prince Charles visited New Delhi in conjunction with a project spearheaded by one of our key funders and supporters the British Asian Trust (BAT). The British Asian Trust supports 7 UnLtd India social entrepreneurs working in the agriculture sector. Our social entrepreneurs Reema Sathe (Happy Roots), Renuka Diwan (BioPrime Solutions) and Ruchi Jain (Taru Naturals) along with Anshu flew to New Delhi to meet His Royal Highness Prince Charles at the Residence of the British High Commissioner. In a thoughtful nod to Asia and in particular to India’s wealth of wildlife, the venue was decorated with elephant motifs courtesy of the Elephant Project, an organization dedicated to protecting Asian elephants. The venue provided the perfect backdrop for numerous insightful and enriching conversations. The event included social entrepreneurs, diplomats and various representatives from BAT. Renuka Diwan of BioPrime said, “while meeting and sharing our entrepreneurial journey with HRH Prince Charles I was particularly moved to see his commitment to sustainability. His focus on small holder farmers, promoting local grains, organic agriculture all demonstrate his deep understanding of the ecosystem. This multipronged approach that he advocates is no doubt the road to sustainability​ and is as relevant in India as it may be anywhere in the world. His passion and dedication are contagious and by using the support extended through British Asian trust and Unltd India, I sincerely hope we can carry forward the work of bringing sustainability in agriculture that Bioprime Agrisolutions has initiated. For Bioprime it has was an honor, and for me it was a life time experience that was made possible by our “support-system” Unltd India.” Reema Sathe agrees that this experience was a unique experience that gave her a rare opportunity to present her work to an audience very different from her usual one. “It’s not everyday that you get to meet the Prince of Wales along with so many dignitaries from different industries and walks of life. We were probably the youngest of the lot and it was an honor for me to have been invited to such an event. The best part of the event was that we got a chance to actually speak to the Prince of Wales and talk to him about our work. It was amazing to know that he is so passionate about livelihood development for small holding farmers and conserving indigenous grains. He not just listened to each of us with great interest, but promised that he would keep in touch with us through his office, once he goes back. Rarely do you see anyone, of such high honor, talk to you with such involvement and honesty,” she says. The Prince of Wales was in India to inaugurate the 10-million-dollar Education Development Impact Bond (DIB) created by the British Asian Trust. The DIB was created with the aim of improving learning outcomes for marginalized children in India. As part of his trip he also met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and attended this reception held by the British Asian Trust. It was fortuitous that UnLtd India was given this incredible opportunity to be part of the event and we were thrilled to be able to extend the opportunities to our SEs. We were also extremely proud to showcase the work of three of our most promising women entrepreneurs, especially since women led agricultural social enterprises still unfortunately remain relatively rare. Reema, Renuka and Ruchi all work with small scale farmers through different and equally valuable models. Reema’s Happy Roots uses organic farm produce to make delicious, healthy snacks. Renuka has patented numerous environmentally friendly formulas to commonly used pesticides at, ensuring a higher and more sustainable yield for farmers who use BioPrime products. Ruchi’s Taru Naturals helps link farmers to the marketplace ensuring a steady flow of income for them. For Ruchi the highlight was being able to actually present the Prince of Wales with some of Taru’s organic produce. Ruchi says, “It was such an honor to meet Prince Charles and more so it was wonderful to have been appreciated and recognized as a global upcoming startup working for small scale farming communities. Our small farmer communities were extremely happy to hear that a piece of their farm produce was presented to royalty and recognized as a global product that stands for quality, health and organic. Reema concluded saying that, “UnLtd India and BAT have been the catalyst in giving us such amazing experiences that help us to become better at what we do. I feel proud to be an incubated by UI and supported by BAT.”  HRH Visit

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