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The Leadership Retreat is UnLtd India’s annual event for our Build and Growth Challenge social entrepreneurs (SEs) to take time away from their work, recognise their leadership potential, discover their entrepreneurial challenges and growth opportunities. This year, the annual 3-day retreat was hosted at The Retreat (coincidence?) in March 2018.

Start-up entrepreneurs juggle with so many priorities – operational, funding, personnel, and day-to-day activities that their personal learning & growth is de-prioritised. This retreat gave the SEs a space to celebrate successes, re-assess mistakes/failures, build plans to improve their effectiveness as leaders as well as be honest about the areas of conflict & struggle within themselves and their ventures.

Leadership Retreat 1

Leadership Retreat 2

Through a series of thought-provoking activities, the SEs traced their leadership journey so far and mapped out their leadership beyond the organisation to encompass their sector as well. This equipped them for the next phase of their development. They were exposed to new solving exercises that pushed them out of their comfort zones and put them through the vigour of critical thinking.

Leadership Retreat 4

The retreat also gave the Cohort (Jan 2017, Jul 2017) an opportunity to unwind from the daily grind. All-in-all, the retreat was a success, as our SEs left with fresh perspectives, peer learnings, and renewed energy levels to continue their commitment towards social change.

Leadership Retreat 3

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