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Nurturing Leaders for a Better Tomorrow: Celebrating Success Stories

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SEHPL (Santosh Education & Healthcare Pvt Ltd) is a social enterprise focused on developing the next generation of healthcare professionals who can transform the way healthcare is delivered in India.

SEHPL conducts programs that are focused on skill creation and enhancement for women and youth. These programs are delivered through two models; a one-year Healthcare Technical Certification Courses in partnership with HSSC/Ministry of Skill Development which focuses on students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, mostly first generation learners. The second program is a Global Learners Program that gives 10 – 15 days global exposure to medical students in India and abroad.

It is estimated that India requires nearly 6.5 million health professionals but currently there are less than 300,000. According to India’s National Skill Development Corporation, the healthcare technician demand-supply gap in India will be 445,000 in 2018, an 84% shortfall. With its program to train young students in careers like radiology tech, SEHPL is uniquely filling the demand for the future.


Dr. Sharmila Anand, the founder of SEHPL, completed her MBA in the U.S. She decided to apply her global perspective and learnings on a local scale and learnings back to her home country in order to largely focus on enhancing skills of people in healthcare at various levels.

A female entrepreneur working in an in-demand healthcare field, Dr. Sharmila is a mom and is passionate about ensuring woman have a fair shot in her program.

“As mothers we go through nine months of pregnancy, but we don’t remember the pain when we see our babies for the first time. That’s similar to how I feel when I see my students come to success,” she says. The key to solving the disparity that exists for women in global health, she believes, is education and being able to convert that education into meaningful outcomes, such as employment.

Recently, SEHPL conducted their first Alumni Meet in June that celebrated success stories and awarded its outstanding students.


Yaseem, who bagged the Outstanding Performance Award, had excelled in her 12th Grade exam and wished to become a doctor. However, financial expenses required for medical college proved to be a major setback. She decided to join the X-ray Technician Course at SEHPL that offered a loan facility to eligible students. Her hard work and dedication landed her an internship with Sugam Diagnostic Centre. Recognising her efforts, the multi-speciality centre provided her training in order to become a CT and MRI technician. Currently, Yaseem enjoys her role in the healthcare sector at Priya Diagnostic & Scan Centre.

Arul Prasanna is another recipient of the Outstanding Performance Award. Arul had to discontinue pursuing his nursing degree due to the lack of funds. This resulted in him being looked down upon in his community. A mere coincidence of a Facebook post led Arun to enrol for the X-ray Technician Course at SEHPL. Today, being a professional in the healthcare sector, he is able to financially support his family. Arun is actively working towards contributing to change the lives of the other students at SEHPL.


The first Alumni meet brought together the first 5 batches of students who have completed the X-Ray Technician Course and have been successfully been placed in various hospitals. The Chief Guest of the event was Dr. H.V. Hande, a medical practitioner and former Health Minister of Tamil Nadu. There were also various NGO representatives, hospital representatives and supporters of SEHPL who attended the event. The first alumni meet of SEHPL proved to be an overall success that fuelled new relationships through networking, acknowledged the support of their contributors, and helped the organisation to build a stronger foundation for the future.

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