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The next wave of skill development

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Truly, some of the best ideas are born only when you dare to think out of the box!

Limited access to low-cost quality education combined with a high rate of unemployment leaves first generation learners and school dropouts with insufficient options of livelihood. Many young adults from low-income communities are unable to tap into existing job opportunities due to the lack of relevant skillsets and knowledge. This mismatch in skillset demand-supply has created a need for innovative vocational training and skill development programs.

Sayed, one of our social entrepreneurs, is bridging the skill gap successfully through an innovative technical training program. Sayed Shoyeb realised that employment or rather the lack of it wasn’t a hiccup – high gestation periods, expensive training costs and uncertainty of employment were the hurdles faced by today’s aspirants especially individuals from low-income communities.

Vocational education is seen as a primary go-to option for employment seekers. However, the state of vocational training in our nation is questionable at its best when it comes to guaranteeing an employment opportunity for any candidate.

A cumulation of a number of ideas – reducing gestation period, guarantee employment and job security, providing sector-specific skills – led to the founding of Ideaboxx – an initiative that imparts relevant technical training to aspirants from low-income backgrounds, enabling them with a sustained means of livelihood in the Automotive industry.

Reinventing the wheel

Ideaboxx engages with unemployed youth that have either dropped out of traditional education system or haven’t received any kind of formal education altogether due to financial woes, or aspirants who have completed their formal education but are unable to secure a job in the Automotive industry.

The program has been designed in consultation with industry experts and offers hands-on training. Unlike other methods, the training methodology at Ideaboxx exploits a commercial atmosphere in lieu of traditional training aggregates. This minimises the training costs thus reducing the financial burden on the candidate.

Not every individual is blessed with confidence for interviews, but this is no indication that their skillset is invalid or unfit for the job. Ideaboxx decided to address this beautifully with the introduction of Video CVs. This not only gives employers a first-hand opportunity to see the skills these candidates bring to the table, but also enables aspirants to acquire jobs within the ease of their environment.  The course that Ideaboxx offers is a far cry from regular vocational training institutes. Free from exams, the course prepares candidates by exposing them to real work scenarios with the ultimate test of landing a job successfully.

In a span of six months, since the launch of its first training program, Ideaboxx has trained over 500 job aspirants through short term and long term skilling programs.  Through his initative, Sayed has been able to achieve an employee retention rate of at least 95% and cumulated technical impressions to at least 5000 aspirants and an academic outreach of 13 educational institutions. 100% of Ideaboxx’s students have been successfully placed, and the demand for their students from the industry continue to increase. Students at Ideaboxx consider hands-on technical training and effective customer management as their unique selling proposition.

The Ripple Effect

Ideaboxx has successfully been able to enrich the life of its students beyond  technical training. So far, there has been a two-fold effect. With the burden of acquiring a job being lifted, these individuals have actively started dedicating time towards their family lives. They are encouraging and empowering their younger siblings to attend school/college by contributing to their educational fees. Apart from family life, they have begun to participate in societal events and festivals that gives them a true sense of achievement and accomplishment. Sayed began his journey with a simple vision on providing job opportunities. But his simple, yet effective model has transformed and impacted so many more lives.

But this is just the start. Sayed’s model is free from language barriers and can be easily implemented across sectors to build a more competent skilled workforce.  Sayed Shoeb aims to train at least 1000 more candidates in the next one year followed by expansion into other five states over 5 years. Shoeb’s vision for this program is not only limited to reaching a high number of students but also to amplify their career growth opportunities Through Ideaboxx, Shoeb aims to build a more socially inclusive society for young adults from low-income communities by supporting them in gaining sustainable job opportunities.

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