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Fundraising tips that will motivate you today!

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Here’s everything a social entrepreneur needs to keep in mind as they fundraise for their organisation.

Words of wisdom from Reshma Anand (CEO, Hindustan Unilever Foundation), Jerome D’Souza (General Manager, CEO Office, Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives) and Ganesh Neelam (Zonal Head, TATA Trusts)

Ganesh Neelam

  • You need patience with donors. 
  • Your goal statement: Internalise it and present it to the donor – make them believe it too!
  • Encourage donors to actually come experience what is happening on-ground, it gives them a better sense of things (challenges and issues mainly). 

Reshma Anand

  • Put a measure to your own ambition. You are not here to please the world. You started with a purpose and only when you are fulfilled with your purpose that you will grow as an institution. 
  • Set your own goals.
  • Don’t use others as a benchmark. Enjoy your own journey. 
  • You will always find the right match! Some donor/funder who will resonate with your purpose and your scale exists. If you make the ask repeatedly, you will get there.

 Jerome D’Souza

  • Believe in the work you are doing. It’s belief that gets you through the challenges and failures.
  • You need to set yourself up for failure because that will help you to move in the right direction. You will fail, but fail first, fail fast, fail smartly. 
  • You’ve started something that may not quite end the way you’ve envisioned it in your head. But you’re on a journey and along the way, you will find ways and means of doing it better. Be part of the learning.
  • The evolution of your work will demand changes. Go with the flow. 
  • Have a ‘beginners mindset’. Keep all of your reservations in your pocket and approach this with a blank slate. It works well.


The Huddle is UnLtd India’s annual event that brings together our network of social entrepreneurs and key stakeholders in the ecosystem to leverage connections, build new collaborations and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. This article is drawn from the excerpts of the session conducted ‘ Breaking Barriers: Let’s talk about Money’

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