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9 ways you can bring about social change in 2 mins

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From instant delivery orders to quick indulgences online, we all know how to invest our money (wisely?) 

Here are some ways you can be sure to get the best return out of your investment. Browse through these crowdfunding campaigns by our social entrepreneurs, and support a cause that you really like.

1. Encourage mental health care for caregivers

Adveka Foundation is a non- profit, non-governmental organisation that works for the Mental Health of Caregivers from the lower socio-economic background. Adveka Foundation consists of a team of psychological counsellors who work with Caregivers through specially designed Support Groups, Individual Counselling and Workshops. Every Support Group session costs INR 1200 while an Individual Counselling session costs INR 600-950 depending on the expertise of the therapist. 

2. Help underprivileged children gain access to affordable education

Despite the fact that Education is the fundamental right of all children by birth. Section 12(1)(c) of the RIght to Education (RTE) Act reserves 25 % of all seats in private unaided schools for children from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds. In the State of Uttar Pradesh, there are 5,72,672 such seats out of which 93% all left vacant every year.  Saaras Foundation is a not-for-profit that is helping families to avail this opportunity for their children under the RTE. Since 2016, they have supported 34,736 families out of which 10,291 children are studying in private schools this year. It takes only INR 260 to help a child get a shot at getting a good education and change the standard of living of their future generations forever.

3. Encourage children to think beyond the classroom

The Apprentice Project (TAP) aims to empower each child by giving them a chance to learn what they love, understand themselves in the process and build skills that will help them succeed in the 21st century. TAP does that by productively utilising the available interest clubs space (Visual Arts, Performance Arts, Technical Arts, and Sports) in schools through highly-skilled volunteers.

4. Ensure children have access to quality education

As per a 2017 CAG report, only 8% schools comply with the basic yet mandatory norms and standards laid down in the Right To Education Act.

Samarthya believes empowering parents/ communities at a school-level for governance and accountability is critical to the success of the movement towards quality education. Samarthya has activated School Management Committees across 27 schools in Delhi & Sonipat. They have 10 formal interactions with each parent within a year to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to demand quality education. 

5. Open a world of possibilities for children to pursue their interest

Most rural students grow up with limited knowledge of a narrow scope of careers to pursue; not for lack of skills or capability, but for lack of awareness and information about the diverse opportunities waiting for them out in the world. The ‘Know Your Star’ role model story workbook series was conceptualised to raise awareness amongst students about the different opportunities available to them by introducing role models in their lives. By sharing the stories of these role models, they aim to broaden the horizons of our youth, sow seeds of aspiration, and nurture strong dreams. Each volume consists of 10 stories of role models, who have made a strong impact in their chosen fields. Each story charters the path that the role model took to achieve their dreams, while also giving insight into the multiple challenges they faced and how they tackled it.

6. Promote sports as a career path

Khel Khel Mein Foundation follows a unique model of PLAY. PERFORM. PROSPER. where a child is introduced to the power of sports through a structured sports program in low-income schools and communities. They work with children on a 7-9 year development road-map. They focus not only on training but also in ensuring the the children grow into better human being. To become a world class player, one needs to inculcate the right mindset, the correct habits, and teamwork along with game sense. They have been working with a group of 70 girls and boys across 4 teams for the last 3 years. Their Mission Blue Jersey campaign is aimed towards supporting the journey of selected players from the program to achieve their dream of playing for Team India.

7. Help medical students become better doctors

Healthcare delivery needs to be based on best practices in the world. Searching online resources is a daunting task. Members of the governing bodies of the country, themselves being untrained, have not included “correct searching methods” in the curriculum. The current teachers, librarians & professionals – not trained in this task – cannot teach these to students; so healthcare providers may not retrieve the best available evidence. QMed teaches them the skills to search online for the best evidence. This becomes ingrained in their daily activities, resulting in better patient care. They have reached out to around 20000 participants so far.

8.  Promote safe spaces for children

Apni Shala builds Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) opportunities for children in municipal schools, low-budget private schools and other NGOs, primarily in two of the most disadvantaged wards. They currently facilitate SEL sessions with 50 students at Acharya Vinoba Bhave Municipal School in Kurla West, Mumbai. Their SEL programme covers several aspects of day-to-day lives that encourages them to grow as strong and confident individuals who take initiative and voice their opinions.

9. Empower at-risk youth to be Digital Marketers

According to data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Mumbai has been ranked second in crimes committed by juveniles recording 946 cases in the year 2016. In an attempt to address this,  Sanish Kulkarni founded AYANSH Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation that works towards improving the lives of at-risk youth in Mumbai by providing with in graphic designing, video editing, social media marketing, using Microsoft Office etc.

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