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Superfoods you should indulge in 2019

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You can now bring about social change by doing what you love – eating!
Munch on some all-day snacks, go-sugar free, and explore your culinary side with a wide range of organic millets that are produced and packaged by rural women in India.

Meet 2 powerful and strong-minded women social entrepreneurs who have set-up enterprises that empower women from lower socio-economic backgrounds and encourage farmers to grow traditional organic produce. These organisations champion healthy and traditional foods with a modern twist.

1. Reema Sathe

Reema Sathe believed that the most pressing problems of the farmers in Maharashtra can be solved with simple solutions.

“I believe that business should be used as a means to deliver & inspire positive change in the world.” states Reema

Today her vision has transformed into a food supply chain, Happy Roots, that delivers transparency to all stakeholders – farmers and consumers.

Happy Roots is an endeavour to bring produce food that is not only great for your health, but is delightful to your taste buds. They achieve this perfect balance by working directly with over 15,000 farmers. Each year, they work closely with their farmer collective to choose, source and grow some unique grains that are available locally. They then develop delicious baked goodies – that are handcrafted by their trained rural women co-operative using the best production practices in the industry. This has resulted in a range of unique products like Happy Roots’ Ragi & Oats Chocolate cookie, Barley Espresso Cookies, 100% Whole Wheat Cheese crackers and Amaranth and Flax Seed Cookies.

The products are naturally high on nutrition because they are made from Indian Supergrains. With direct farm sourcing, they ensure that the products are made with fresh ingredients. With farm level traceability of seed and crop quality, they also assure that the products are the best quality and not mixed with cheaper grains.

“Our journey to becoming a socially conscious and successful business has just started, and even though we’re proud of how far we’ve come, we are committed to keep pushing our limits and impact small and marginal farmers across India.” states Reema.

You can view all their products here

2. Ekta Jaju

Indian farmers do not receive appropriate returns for their produce, and often face uncertainty due to changing weather patterns, fluctuating markets, etc. While the farmers battles hurdles, urban consumers fight chemical and food adulteration on the other end.

To significantly bring down the cost of cultivation, and ensure people have access to pure produce, Ekta founded ONganic – a social enterprise that aims to create an agriculture revolution by developing sustainable organic farming communities in rural India.

Based in West Bengal, ONganic gives farmers access to premium markets, and market information to ensure that farmer make informed decisions on what to grow.  They work across the value chain – Farming, Processing, R&D, Domestic sales in B2B and B2C categories. Moreover, encouraging sustainable agriculture practices coupled with economic viability and specialised knowledge has revived pride in farming.

The seed to shelf model ensures consumers get easy access to chemical-free, authentic wholesome organic food. ONganic produces a wide range 50+ organic products, and has a supply chain that encompasses 300 farmers and 200+ hectares.

You can view all their products here

These products are not just good for your body, they are good for your soul. Every time you purchase their products, a part of your money is invested back in skills development and training of local farmers and rural women. With every bite, take pride in making a conscious choice to eat food that transforms thousands of lives in Indian villages.

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