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Incubation Program

What is the purpose?

Through the Incubation Program, we provide our social entrepreneurs with opportunities to maximise their potential as individuals andleaders to accelerate the growth of their organisations and deliver high-impact.

What can I expect?

The program is designed to give equal emphasis on self, leadership and venture growth. During the one-year program, you will be exposed to workshops, networking events, personalised coaching, site visits, follow-on funding etc. To know more, click here

What is the selection process?

There is a 4 step selection process, depending on the lifestage of the organisation – Screening Meetings, ToC Workshop /Due-diligence, Mock Panel and Final Panel. If you wish to understand the process in detail, click here.

Is there any preference for specific ideas, problems or sectors?

We are sector and geography agnostic and are open to any idea that solves the pressing social issues in India.

Does the Incubation Program provide funding?

Yes, we believe that passion drives an idea, but money sustains it. Hence a certain amount of financial support is provided depending on the life-stage of your organisation. If you are interested in learning more about UnLtd India’s financial support and how to apply for the program, click here.

How does UnLtd India define a social entrepreneur?

We believe a social entrepreneur is any individual who is taking action to create positive social change through a for-profit, non-profit or hybrid social venture.

Is there a fee charged for the Incubation Program?

The program is completely free and is designed to help social entrepreneurs grow in all aspects.

Application Process

What is the eligibility criteria of the Incubation Program?

Our social entrepreneurs come from diverse cultural, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds and work across multiple sectors.
You need to be:

a. A social entrepreneur
b. Above 18 years of age
c. Indian citizen
d. No answer

If your idea is a part of a college/curriculum project, it will not be considered.

When does the application process take place?

The application process takes place twice a year, August to October for the January Cohort and February to April for the July Cohort. You may fill the Expression of Interest Form any time in the year. We will reach out to you during the subsequent cycle.

For how many years can I be a part of the Incubation Program?

You can be a part of the program for a maximum 3 years in the Test & Build stage and 1 year under Growth Challenge. For more details click here.

I am not a registered organisation and haven’t decided on a model. Can I still apply?

Yes. You can be in the process of registration while you are a part of the Incubation Program.

I am still at the idea stage, Can I apply?

Yes. We provide support at 3 life-stages of an organisation – Test, Build, Growth Challenge. If you still at the idea stage, you can apply at the Test level.

I am currently a one-member team. Can I apply?

Yes. We will help you grow your organisation over a period of time.

I have applied to UnLtd India before. Can I re-apply?

If you haven’t been selected the first time around, don’t be discouraged, you can apply again.
If you have been a part of the Incubation Program before, depending on the life-stage of your organisation, you can reapply.

Can I submit 2 applications for 2 different ideas?

No. You will have to submit the idea you are more inclined towards.