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Let Me Know

Level 1, 2010

Let Me Know is leveraging technology and social media to bridge the information gap that exists in the Indian youth by providing a one-stop place to learn about opportunities of all kinds be it technology, entrepreneurship, law, climate change or social innovation. Over 1 million Indian youth in the age group 17-25 miss out on opportunities such as scholarships, internships, competitions, etc. due to lack of information. Organizers too miss out on a huge talent pool as they are not able to reach their target audience effectively. Information inequality is a serious issue in  India. The current space of online portals, providing information on opportunities, is highly fragmented with no focus on user experience and content quality. Let Me Know has a strong proof of concept, with a portal that receives over 200,000 visitors a year, growing at 10% a month.

My name is
Sarabjeet Singh