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The Freedom of Expression Movement

Level 1, 2010

TFOEM aims to build an online social networking platform for social organizations, individuals and business enterprises to collaborate on common causes. This would enable creation of social media content that brings awareness to common social causes and helps inspire others to work towards social activism. In 2010, TFOEM organized its first event at Kala Ghoda Festival during which the 4,000 people to signed up in the support of its activities. Over the next three years, TFOEM expects to reach out to 100,000 individuals across social and corporate sectors. The team has a passion for understanding, creating and implementing technology and is driven towards capitalizing on its potential within the social sector. In the past Siddharth has worked with local communities in Los Angeles to draw up strategies for the local businesses, Danesh was actively engaged with the Social Service League in his college, while Akshay has volunteered with children from the local community.

Our names are
Siddharth Bhansali , Akshay Tandon & Danesh Narang