Abhishek Baghel

Sector Inclusive Development

Modal For Profit

Status Active

Year Jan 2019

Trestle Labs


Trestle Labs has developed and prototyped two products to facilitate easy access to printed and digital knowledge for the visually impaired.
They have developed KITAB mobile app, an advanced reading and learning platform that offers one-stop access to content from multiple channels including online digital libraries, universities, local publishers as well as self-curated content based on users’ reading and learning needs.
It delivers an immersive reading and learning experience at par with a visually-abled reader’s interaction with a hard-copy printed-book.
They have also developed KIBO, which is the world’s first personalised intelligent reading and learning platform which reads-out printed text across multiple Indian languages in real-time. It also intelligently monitors reading interests to recommend relevant content offering an immersive reading-learning experience.

Sustainable Development Goals


About the Social Entrepreneurs

Abhishek has an Engineering degree in Instrumentation control and is currently also engaged in IIT Delhi as a research associate working on a study of visually impaired women.