Anirban Ghosh

Sector Inclusive Development

Modal Not For Profit

Status Active

Year Jan 19

Khel Khel Me Foundation

Khel Khel Mein Foundation envisions a community where access to sports and educational excellence co-exist in the school system.
They work with the disadvantaged communities and schools to ensure basic physical education standards are met.
Through a contextualised program design, including structured school and community leagues, they ensure a sports culture is nurtured at a community level.
The program works to build enriching values like teamwork, perseverance, work ethics & mental strength.
They also work at the community level to ensure societal encouragement and other stakeholders contribute to sustain the platform.
They work with children after school to build specialised sports skills & become talented sportspersons.

Sustainable Development Goals


About the Social Entrepreneurs

Anirban has studied Mechanical Engineering and has worked with Larsen Toubro and Tata Motors before joining the Teach for India Fellowship in 2013-15. He is also a Wipro Seedling fellow.