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Fluid Robotics

Fluid Robotics, a start-up based in Pune, with offices in Bangalore and USA, works with government and private organizations across India, to help better manage their water and wastewater pipeline infrastructure. The pollution of urban water bodies, water loss in distribution and monsoon flooding are some of the problems the company is focussed on addressing through the use of robotics and artificial intelligence. Cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Nigdi and over a hundred villages in Maharashtra are already benefiting from this data driven approach. In urban India a majority of pipelines have outlived their design life, and contribute to significant water loss, contamination and clogging. The company’s multi-robot system has been used to map and assess the health of old and deteriorating water, sewage and storm-drain pipeline networks. This allows Municipal Corporations to rehabilitate critical infrastructure, before catastrophic damages. The company also has expertise in providing solutions for the Interception and Diversion of untreated wastewater, entering lakes and rivers, to existing as well as proposed treatment plants. Fluid Robotics has directly contributed to the treatment of over 400MLD (Million Liters a Day) of untreated wastewater in the last 2 years, while minimizing risk to life due to manual scavenging.

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About the Social Entrepreneurs

Asim’s Grandfather, late S.M. Bhalerao, was the former Chief Engineer of Maharashtra State Irrigation & Power. He has authored the only Encyclopaedia on Indian Rivers in 2006.  Asim is passionate about water and wants to continue in the footsteps of his Grandfather.
Nidhi grew up in water scarce Rajasthan, and experienced first-hand the need to conserve water.  Her experience living in the US for over a decade, where water is in abundance, has made her move back to India to help solve 
problems related to water conservation.