Rahul Satpute

Sector Agriculture & Allied

Modal For Profit

Status Active

Year Jan 19

Bhumitra Laboratories

They have developed a mechanism to collect green/organic/agri-waste and convert them to organic fertilisers, manure, bio-fertilizers, pest controller, biodynamic compost, plant growth promoter, and waste decomposer.
They have developed a ‘BHUMITRA Biodynamic Compost’ machine for production.
They also provide services such as soil testing, water testing, organic farm consultancy, organic agriculture certification, trainings, and guidance.

Sustainable Development Goals


About the Social Entrepreneurs

Rahul has been a Junior Research Fellow at National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur before joining Arvind Agriculture University as an Agriculture Expert. For the past year, Rahul has been consulting farms through the Regional Center of Organic Farming in Nagpur.