Ramesh Joshi

Sector Education

Modal Not for Profit

Status Alumni

Year Jan 2011

Aashansh Foundation (Aashayein)

“Aashansh’s mission is to provide children from underprivileged communities in India with the confidence and knowledge to unlock the door to social mobility, through weekly mentorship sessions and an experiential education programme.
They pair each child with a mentor; a mentor who guides them, supports them and believes in them. Together, mentor and child go on a journey to unearth hidden talents, grow existing ones and build long-lasting friendships, establishing in each child the confidence that they can define their own life.Their before and after school programme, which offers an experiential approach to learning, therefore ensures that each child has the toolkit to turn their dreams, nurtured through the mentorship sessions, into a reality. So each child leaves Aashansh equipped with both the confidence and the knowledge required to carry on their journey towards a better life independently, and with an unshakable sense of self-worth.”

Sustainable Development Goals


About the Social Entrepreneurs

“Exceptional thinking and performance characterizes ‘Aashansh,’ an independent organization, conceived and founded by Ramesh Joshi. Ramesh is a 22 year old who dreamt and achieved.
Equipped with great confidence, charisma and idealism, Ramesh has overcome substantial obstacles in his own life to contribute to his society and family Ramesh dreams big, but before embarking upon the path of achievement he uses this wisdom to guide himself: “”Before you start some work, always ask yourself these questions – Is it inspiring to my heart.”””