Rohit Nayak & Sudhir Deshpande

Sector Environment

Modal Hybrid

Status Alumni

Year Jan 2013


EcoAd aims to make cities of India free from plastic carry bags. They envision a future of India greener than today and want to create a greener tomorrow. Their mission is to replace conventional non eco-friendly products with economically viable eco-friendly products.They are starting by replacing plastic bags with paper bags. As a side effect they also provide advertisements having a lasting, deeper and wider impression. The last interaction of a vendor with their customer is the packaging. Providing a recycled, eco friendly packaging which is reused leaves them feeling really good. Involving small scale industries promotes the growth of the rural sector. Training hard-working labor and providing them with the skills to manufacture high quality products is their way to ensure that goodwill spreads through all sections of society.

Sustainable Development Goals


About the Social Entrepreneurs

Rohit and Sudhir are very motivated about reducing plastic waste in India. Drawing from the experience of setting up his own start-up, Students Forum, Rohit is joined by his partner Sudhir, who brings experience from the development sector to the EcoAd team.