Savini Sonavaria

Sector Livelihoods

Modal For Profit

Status Active

Year Jan 2019


Their focus is to have socially responsible souvenirs for India’s tourist destinations that are made by Indian artisans and locals living near the destinations
Their endeavour instils a sense of inclusion in locals to preserve the destination while giving tourists a meaningful take away and promoting Indian tourism.
They are currently collaborating with NGOs to work with 5 women groups – Mumbai (2 groups – Thane and Mahul), Kanha National Park (1 group), and Pench National Park (3 groups).
They provide training to the women and procure the end products.
Different products are handmade by each group and assembled at a central unit and then marketed across 30 outlets. The partner NGOs manage the daily operations.
They also has a range of merchandised products to ensure cash flow stability

Sustainable Development Goals

About the Social Entrepreneurs

Prior to setting up PashooPakshee, Savini worked with L&T and Cisco Systems. She has a Masters in Communication System Engineering.