Tanuj Sinha

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“Janmitr Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Finlok)”

Finlok (Finance for Loktantra) is a social finance platform that allows underserved users to leverage their social communities to save money and access credit through the group saving model leveraging Jan Dhan Accounts and BHIM-UPI. Targeted at individuals in the salary bracket of INR 8,000 – 20,000, the platform also analyses data across behaviour, transactions and group dynamics to create user profiles who are offered other financial products starting with our short-term credit offers (advance salary), medium/long-term credit, insurance and investments etc.They are currently offering the savings service (fee-based on the 2nd group formation) and short-term credit (avg. Loan amount 1500)

Sustainable Development Goals

About the Social Entrepreneurs

Tanuj was managing the mobile financial services practice within his last company and was involved in multiple mobile money ecosystems that were creating true impact across Africa. Prior to that, he also worked in the credit origination technology for a large financial institute in South Africa.