Tarun Arya

Sector Livelihoods

Modal Hybrid

Status Active

Year Jan 19

Alignus Products & Services


Alignus’s model is providing essential services like digital financial services, agriculture inputs, agriculture market access, solar products, water products etc. through a network of women entrepreneurs
They select and train women from the villages who are interested in entrepreneurship and equip them with necessary skills like marketing and sales techniques.
These trained women then go around the village to sell their products door-to-door. They earn through a commission-based model.
Alignus creates partnerships with the product companies & service providers and acts as a distributor
The women entrepreneurs receive hand-holding support in the initial months until they are able to generate a self-sustaining income for themselves.
Through this network of women entrepreneurs, they are providing access to essential services in a cost-effective manner to the rural population.

Sustainable Development Goals


About the Social Entrepreneurs

Tarun has over 18 years of professional experience in Project Management, Operations, Business Planning and Relationship Management in Technology, Rural Services, and Skill Development sectors.