Tarun Bothra

Sector Livelihoods

Modal For Profit

Status Active

Year Jan 19

Saathi Eco Innovations Pvt Ltd

Saathi is a social enterprise manufacturing eco-friendly hygiene products. Founded by graduates from MIT (US), Harvard and Nirma, they are innovators in the use of alternative materials and zero-waste production. Their mission is to create hygiene products that are good for the body, environment, and community. The founders have developed a single platform technology to process natural fibre into highly absorbent pulp. Their first product is 100% biodegradable and compostable all natural sanitary pad from banana tree fibre. Saathi buys agri-waste from banana tree farmers to use as raw material and employs underprivileged women to manufacture the sanitary pads.

Sustainable Development Goals


About the Social Entrepreneurs

Tarun Bothra, CTO, is a graduate of Nirma University and has technical, business experience and local knowledge that enabled him to set-up Saathi Eco Innovations. He has demonstrated his leadership through the R&D, product development, and production process of the organisation.