Vijay Yalmalle

Sector Agriculture & Allied

Modal SE/For Profit

Status Active

Year Jul 18

Craftcomm Farms


They have developed economical Aquaponics systems to address. Small land holdings – The system requires only 500 square metres. Un-remunerative prices–Being chemical free, the produce has a higher price realisation. High demand for fresh and live fish which could be retailed at farm gate. Excessive use of fertilisers–The process involves natural conversion of fish waste (ammonia) into plant nutrients (nitrate), thereby reducing excessive use of fertilisers. Toxic effect of pesticides – Aquaponics is inherently intolerant to chemical pesticides as well as protected growing environment (i.e. greenhouses). Water scarcity – Their Aquaponics systems uses only 10% water of conventional farming requirement for the crops.

Sustainable Development Goals