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Turn your Trash into Treasure with RaddiConnect

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Overflowing landfills with mountains of plastic and rusting metal is a common sight for the urban dweller. With the growing green conscience of the everyday person, there has been a litany of social enterprises who promise to help you recycle more, recycle responsibly.

Rahul Nainani is a new-age social entrepreneur who is transforming the way waste is recycled in Mumbai. We met Rahul sometime in June 2019 and when he first pitched to us, we knew he was a powerhouse of potential. He co-founded Raddi Connect in August 2015 that collects raddi from households and societies while supporting NGOs, ragpickers and raddiwallas. Rahul’s penchant for policy and the circular economy was complemented by peer and mentor support that enabled him to collaborate with the local Municipal body and launch Raddi Connect’s programs.

Raddi Connect’s transparent and seamless raddi collection process makes it easy for anybody to make a difference, instantly!

Waste Management at the Municipal Level

Raddi Connect is contracted by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to manage waste disposal in Ward R North covering Dahisar and areas of Borivali. It will soon also begin operations in Ambernath City which is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Rahul’s team begins with awareness campaigns in housing societies, schools and offices educating the masses on wet and dry waste segregation. This awareness triggers individuals to take the first step and begin to correctly segregate their waste at home. This optimises the amount of recyclable waste at a micro-level. They use the waste collection vehicles allotted by the BMC to collect and deposit the waste at a segregating facility built on BMC land.

Raddi Connect’s inclusive approach trains local ragpickers on segregation. They effectively segregate the different types of waste materials – plastics, metals, paper, etc. at the facility. Post this, the waste is transported to recyclers who specialise in that particular waste material. For example, there are recyclers who solely focus on upcycling plastics or paper.

“We wanted to show (the customers) that the actual impact makers were the rag pickers and raddiwallas. Without these guys no recycling would have happened in the country.” – Rahul Nainani


Creating multi-stakeholder Impact

Raddi Connect may collect waste, but its innovative model ensures that all the stakeholders along the value chain benefit from it. The Indian government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and the latest state-specific plastic ban boosted Raddi Connect’s work, making it more relevant than ever!

Small scrap, big impact

Till date, Raddi Connect has effectively recycled 1000 tones of waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Their efforts have led to more than 5000 families segregating their daily waste in Mumbai.

You can be a part of Raddi Connect’s vision of a greener and cleaner country by disposing your waste responsibly.

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