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Good reads, shows, and podcast recommendations from our social entrepreneurs and our team.

Good Reads

I am currently reading this book, Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker.  After all, sleep is so important for all of us, including the entrepreneurs! Start reading it for freeSudhir Nayak

I am reading Halla Bol by Sudhanva Deshpande at the moment. It’s really helping me get through the current times. – Sanyukta Saha

Currently I am reading ‘Communal Rage in Secular India’ by Rafiq Zakaria. It is helping me understand the rise of communalism and the length it could go if not contaminated by love, compassion, secularism and non-violence. – Adwait Dandwate

I am reading this book “Ikigai – The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life”. Its an interesting read. – Saniya Bhalerao

I’ve been reading a lot of Wendell Berry. Here’s an article that describes him and his work well – Dhruv Gupta

Power of Habits – Charles Duhigg, Poor Economics – Banerjee and Duflo, Deep Work – Cal Newport, Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman, Measure what matters – John Doerr – Gaurav Singh

The Trillion Dollar Coach: : The Leadership Handbook of Silicon Valley’s Bill Campbell – Hitesh Kenjale

Shows, Documentaries & other things to explore

I think one documentary that stood out for me is Free Solo. I was truly blown to see how focus, determination and discipline can make the impossible seem so easy and possible! One of the best I have seen ever – an unforgettable experience!  Watch it on a big screen if you can – it is shot beautifully and also won the Oscar for the best non-fiction 🙂  – Poonam Choksi

I would recommend watching Inside Bill’s Brain. This three-part docuseries explores the mind and motivations of the celebrated tech visionary, business leader and philanthropist. It is so interesting to watch how he thinks about problem solving and the audacious goals he is pursuing. – Naomi Menezes

Cowspiracy (Netflix), The Call to Courage – Brene Brown (Netflix) and When they see us (Netflix) – Gaurav Singh

Just finished ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’  and the 2 Seasons of Fleabag. Both the series are super funny and intelligent. – Saniya Bhalerao

I am hooked onto the podcast by Reid Hoffman- Masters of Scale. – Hitesh Kenjale

Overcome your laziness in 2 min and 11-Minute Guided Meditation to Manifest SuccessPrasad Bhide

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