8 ways to engage your Board members during COVID-19

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Most of your Board members are at home, probably working. But, they certainly will have a minimum of 2 hours every day (saving commute time at the very least).

Here are some ideas to grab their attention and their time. It’s best to set up a one-on-one call with each Board member to explore the ideas below:

  • Talk to them about how your community/clients/beneficiaries are coping. How you are responding. Share positive stories.
  • Share your plans for 2020I am sure things have changed given COVID. Ask them for their views on the same.
  • Draw up a Board plan against your own strategic plan.Include individual member engagement plans. Why you believe someone can contribute in a specific manner. Share with the Board. Invite inputs.  Formalise.
  • Reach out to Board members who are not at all engagingAsk them why they are disengaged. Help address their constraints
  • Those who are engaged, ask them WHY they give time.
    Write their story. Have them edit it, approve it. Use it on your website
  • ASK  them if they will share your organisation’s story with others to garner support.If they say yes, research their connects, who they know, what they could ask whom…go back to them with a plan for each, with all the supporting material they may possibly need. This will communicate to them the work you are willing to put in and make it easy for them to reach out
  • Review the governance systems and structures that you follow to increase the efficiency of your Board engagement. Ask Board members for their inputs. Institutionalise changes
  • Say thank you to them for being part of your organisation. Mean it!

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Aarti Madhusudan runs Governance Counts, an initiative which helps nonprofits build more effective boards. This includes facilitating board performance self-reviews, identifying the role of the board, and helping figure optimal board member profiles based on the growth stage of the organisation. She has consulted several Indian and international organisations. Aarti is an Alumnus of TISS and NIMHANS and has a fellowship in Nonprofit Governance from Board Source Washington. She is also associated with iVolunteer, India’s largest volunteering organisation
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