15 things Social Entrepreneurs can do during this time of crisis

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It’s been almost a week since the lockdown was initiated. It may be a while, but given human history, we adjust, adapt and rise.

Being an NGO ourselves, we understand the pressure that comes with running a social organisation during these uncertain times. We created a guide that will help any social entrepreneur navigate through this quarantine.

  1. Master your pitch Try pitching under 7 mins or in 140 words. After the storm, you will need this edge.
  2. Think about what aspects of your organisation can completely go online? Strategise and search for online tools
  3. Create a marketing roadmap You always don’t find time for this. Ideate and go for it.
  4. Learn digital marketingEquip yourself with the basic know-how and craft better plans.
  5. Update your funders and board members Here are 8 ways to help you kickstart this conversation.
  6. Design your annual reportStart now. You will crush it by the time it’s due.
  7. Host an online team lunch Long-distance relationships are hard (even with employees) But, try!
  8. Work on your HR StructurePeople are the cornerstone of your org. How can you do better by them? Rope in an expert, maybe.
  9. Redefine your employee engagement It’s all remote now. How can you make everyone in your team feel motivated & valued?
  10. Think of your impact measurement framework This is some good down-time to focus on how to measure your on-ground impact and build a strong data collection system.
  11. Draw up systems and processes As other work slows down, put these building blocks in place along with your team.  This is important for your organisation to scale.
  12. Build for tomorrow What’s your 3-month plan? Where do you see yourself in 18-months? Pen it down
  13. Rethink your financial strategy This crisis may go on for months. What’s your plan B and C? Embrace the excel sheet and deep dive with a consultant/expert.
  14. Build your org culture Look at what your culture is like now – can it be better?
  15. Create a POSH Policy If you are a team of more than 10, this is a must-have.


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