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PadCare Labs : Creating UV-based sanitization devices
to battle COVID-19

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Fighting at the frontlines against the highly infectious COVID-19, healthcare workers are dreadfully unequipped. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that each healthcare worker treating patients with the virus need to have a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit. However, the paucity of these protective gears has led healthcare workers to use alternatives such as gloves, surgical masks, or even HIV suits that do little to protect them from the virus. The lack of effective protective gear has already led to a large number of healthcare workers contracting the virus.

Thankfully, a brilliant entrepreneurial engineer from Pune has developed a solution to tackle this problem. Ajinkya Dhariya, Founder & CEO of PadCare Labs, has adapted his initial ‘Smokeless Sanitary Pad Disposal Machine’ to create a UV-based sanitization device that disinfects any surface or aerial contamination, thus controlling the spread of the virus.

From sanitizing pads to sanitizing hospitals

Founded in 2018, PadCare Labs built the world’s first smokeless, odourless, eco-friendly sanitary napkin disposal system to tackle the problem of unhygienic menstrual waste management. Named ‘Sanicure’, the waste disposal device is becoming popular in academic institutions and government offices in India.

With the pandemic, priorities changed. Team PadCare quickly pivoted their model and prototyped two new devices called UVSAN and UV Handy. Ajinkya leveraged his skills as a mechanical engineer to modify and adapt the UV-based sanitization system used in Sanicure to develop instant, portable, and cost-effective sanitization devices for hospitals.

“We had the technical data and resources since we have been working at developing such a system but for a different application. So, we tinkered with that knowledge based on the current requirement for decontamination systems.” shares Ajinkya

UVSAN & UVHandy- saving lives and costs

PadCare’s two sanitization systems are currently being used by 4 hospitals in Pune. These two products only require electricity to run and have a life of 10,000 hours.

The UVSAN is an area sanitizer that can be used to disinfect closed spaces such as ambulances, hospital rooms, closets, and protective gear such as PPE kits and N95 masks as per CDC/WHO Guidelines. The UVSAN is a crucial product that will significantly reduce the risk of spreading infections in hospitals (a major COVID-19 hotspot) as well as reduce the stress on the demands for new protective kits.

The UVHandy is a portable hand-held decontamination device that can disinfect inanimate objects such as tables, chairs, boxes in only 10 seconds. In the coming months, as the lockdown is gradually lifted, UVHandy will be an effective tool to prevent the spread of the virus in public places like offices, railways, airports, malls, etc.

Internal validations for both the products are being conducted at NCL Innovation Park, and external validations are taking place at hospitals and NABL accredited labs. At this point, the efficacy of the products is unquestionable.

The coming months are going to be crucial as India fights off this unprecedented challenge with no vaccine in view. Safety and hygiene are going to be the two most important areas of concern for the government as well as individual citizens. Innovative products like the ones created by PadCare Labs will be the way forward in a post-pandemic world.

If you are looking for a safe, cost-effective, and efficient decontamination tool to help fight the COVID-19, reach out to Ajinkya at 7678647899 or email him at

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