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When you want to soar, you need the right wind beneath your wings.

Today, as a social entrepreneur in India, you have dozens of incubators to choose from. So how do you choose which one suits you best – the one that will bring out best in you, for you & your organisation? We asked some of our social entrepreneurs why they opted for our Incubation Program.

  1.   Apurva Kothari – Founder, No Nasties
    • Mentorship and access to industry experts across multiple disciplines.
    • The community!
    • Funds to get started out.
  2.   Purnota Dutta-Bahl – Founder, Cuddles Foundation
    • I knew nothing about Philanthropy (but knew a lot about business) so I joined as I wanted to learn.
    • I wanted a sangha ( A cohort of like-minded people)
    • The credibility that the UnLtd India brand brings to new ventures.
  3.   Pooja Chopra – Co-Founder, Khwaab Welfare Trust
    • To be a part of a network of social entrepreneurs
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Financial support
  4.   Abhishek Thakore – Founder, Blue Ribbon Movement
    • We were new, tiny and still to develop wings. We opted for Incubation support as we wanted to build on the wisdom of others
  5.   Akshat Singhal – Founder, Gender Lab
    • To strengthen our organisation’s roots & vision
    • To derive strength from a community of changemakers and learn from them
    • Critical financial support in the initial years of this journey
  6.   Henna Khan – Founder, Universe Simplified Foundation
    • As a social entrepreneur, you start with a lot of passion for the cause but you need to learn almost every other thing. Mentorship is crucial at this stage.
    • Having an incubator like UnLtd India show faith in your work is a huge boost (and validation) for any organisation just starting out. Both internally for you and externally for other stakeholders to take notice of your work.
    • In the early stages, funding support can either make or break your organisation
  7.   Sonalee Shamysundar –  Founder, Urmi Foundation
    • To gain clarity in vision
    • To scale our organisation
    • Build my leadership qualities
  8.   Tarun Bothra – Co -Founder,  Saathi
    • Network development
    • Business skills development (e.g. finance and marketing skills)
    • Access and connections to potential investors/funders

You heard it!

If you wish to be a part of our community, applications to our Jan 2021 Cohort are open.

We are looking to support innovative ideas across livelihood, skilling, health and inclusive development. Apply now

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UnLtd India

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