10 things you wish someone told you about social entrepreneurship 

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Social entrepreneurs are unparalleled catalysts of social change. They possess the ability to contest critical social issues through innovative ideas and mobilise resources as well as communities for good. However, being a social entrepreneur isn’t easy: persistent hard work, battling opinions, rigorously raising funds and constantly moving the needle to create a better tomorrow.

We’ve had the honour of working with some brilliant changemakers who share with us the things they wish someone told them at the start of their entrepreneurial journey.

  1.  Prioritize Yourself
    The burn-out is real. “It’s lonely sometimes, don’t connect your identity to the work. Find your DNA and focus on that.” shares social entrepreneur Uthara Narayanan who works to empower rural women through financial literacy. Tarun Bothra who leads Saathi puts it aptly “Doing good sometimes comes with a cost that you need to pay yourself so take care of yourself.”
  2.  Doing Less is More
    Take baby steps. “Do not go for scale unless the foundation of your organization is really strong”, advises Henna Khan. While Abhishek Thakore who runs Blue Ribbon Movement adds, “The key is to stay patient, embrace conflict and balance evolution with stability.”

  3.  Bringing about change must take place one day at a time
     Pooja Joshi rightly says, “For every 20 nos, you will receive one yes.”
  4.  “Don’t get stuck in the world of jargons. Simply, listen to your communities”
    Truer words have never been spoken. Thank you Akshat Singhal, Founder of Gender Lab
  “It will never be an easy road no matter how successful you become.”  shares Tarun Bothra, Co-Founder, Saathi. ”But stating you need help is the best way to overcome a challenge.” says Pooja Joshi of Mimaansa reassuringly.
  6.   Pay Attention to Accounting and Legal Structures
    “Compliance and documentation can consume a lot of time and drain your energy,” Akshat warns. But it’s worth it, trust us.
  7.   Your organization is only as good as your team.
    “Put in a strong hiring/selection process in the organization right from the start,” states Henna, Founder of Universe Simplified Foundation
  8.   “Everyone said it won’t be easy. just a handful said it would be highly satisfying, I wish the ratio was otherwise.” points out Pooja. We couldn’t agree more.
  9.   “You alone are enough. The only thing that will limit you is you” emphasizes Purnota Dutta, Founder of Cuddles Foundation
  10.   “ You will evolve as much as the communities you wish to help evolve.” shares Rajshree Faria, Co-Founder Adveka Foundation. *mic drop*
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