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At the core of our incubation program are early-stage social entrepreneurs. We provide our social entrepreneurs with opportunities to maximise their potential as leaders, accelerate the growth of their organisations and deliver high-impact.

Depending on how far the idea has been developed, we help amplify it through stage-appropriate coaching and inputs


Piloting the idea


Growing the idea

Growth challenge

Taking the idea to scale

Our Selection Process

The selection process is designed to add value at every step to a potential incubatee. While assessing our social entrepreneurs, we look for the key ‘Four I’s’:


We look for individuals who exhibit entrepreneurial characteristics, an unwavering commitment to social change and the ability to garner resources to support their work.


We look for ideas that are focused solutions to fit specific social problems, address an unmet need or under-served sections of society.


We look for ideas that have the potential to create long-term and sustained impact within their communities, at a city/state level and at scale.


We look for individuals who are open to feedback and can gain from our non-financial support.

365 days at UnLtd India

Our Incubation Program is designed to give equal emphasis on leadership and venture growth.

Induction workshop

A bootcamp to get to know social entrepreneurs in your cohort while working on your idea and gaining perspectives from peers

Milestone setting

Define goals and a roadmap to achieve it

Site visits

Gain suggestions and inputs on the working of your idea on-ground

Personalised coaching

A dedicated person to build your capacities and share best practices on Strategy, Execution, Personal Growth, Relationships


Orientation and training from experts and senior entrepreneurs on areas such as Marketing & Communication, Legal & Governance, Finance, Vision & Strategy


Engage with sector experts, funders, and like-minded individuals

Follow-on funding

Help design and execute the right pitch. Passion brings the idea to life, money sustains it.

Impact measurement

Learn how to evaluate your idea from an intended impact perspective

Leadership retreat

Strengthen leadership qualities to expand horizons

Be a catalyst for
social change.